Poland's New Jewish Communities

Beit Polska is active in many cities in Poland.

The flagship congregation, Beit Warszawa, near the historic Wilanow Palace in Poland's capital Warsaw, draws large crowds for Friday evening and Saturday morning prayer and holiday celebrations. Established in 1995, Beit Warszawa offers study, Sunday school, religious school, and delicious Shabbat meals.

Every week there are three or four communities meeting to celebrate Shabbat across Poland. Many of the newer groups are small and gather in restaurants and meeting halls.

To serve these emerging congregations, in 2010 Foundation Beit Warszawa, Beit Warszawa and Beit Polska trained an initial class of six prayer leaders. A second group of eight aspiring prayer leaders begins in January 2012.

Meanwhile, four men and women are preparing to be rabbis and cantors. There is an active music program featuring the Shir Aviv choir.